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General information – tickets

See below the rules of ticket bookings at the Sudeten Philharmonic

Tickets ca be bought at the Philharmonic’s box office during its opening hours from 1 pm to 3.30 pm Tuesday to Thursday. On concert Fridays, we sell tickets two hours before the concert begins. On other Fridays, the box office is open during standard hours.

Telephone contact during box office opening hours: mobile: 501 674 397

How to buy tickets for the concerts of the Sudeten Philharmonic

The Sudeten Philharmonic offers regular, reduced and subscription tickets. If you have any questions regarding their purchase, please contact us by phone during the opening hours of the box office or via the e-mail address provided on our website.

Subscriptions and reduced tickets to the Sudeten Philharmonic

Reduced tickets are available:

Reduced tickets 1 are available to retirees, pensioners, school children studying full-time, people with a disability certificate, a guardian of a person with a disability certificate, people with a Large Family Card, organised groups of minimum 20 people

  • Discount tickets 2 for concerts indicated by the Philharmonic are available to young people from music schools upon presentation of a valid school ID, to organised school groups of minimum 10 people. Discount tickets 2 are available only at the Sudeten Philharmonic box office.
  • Children up to 3 years of age are admitted with a guardian on his/her ticket (one seat), however, there can be only one child of the above age per guardian.
  • For organised groups of 20 or more people, the Philharmonic offers the opportunity to purchase all tickets at a reduced price.

If you wish to purchase group tickets, please contact the Sudeten Philharmonic box office.

The document entitling you to the discount must be presented before entering the concert hall.

Persons who have purchased reduced tickets and do not have a valid document entitling them to the discount are obliged to report to the ticket office to pay the balance for a regular ticket, otherwise they will not be allowed to enter the concert hall.

Individual subscription:

  • PLATINUM – when purchasing tickets for all concerts, except educational concerts – 30% discount
  • GOLD – when purchasing tickets for 20 or more different concerts of your choice – 20% discount
  • SILVER – when purchasing tickets for 15 to 19 different concerts of your choice – 15% discount
  • BRONZE – when purchasing tickets for 10 to 14 for different concerts of your choice – 10% discount
  • FAMILY CONCERTS – the subscription value is PLN 200

Family Concerts at the Sudeten Philharmonic:

  • price: PLN 20, except for two concerts CHILDREN FOR CHILDREN (December 3, 2023, June 2, 2024), whose value is PLN N 50/ R 30.

When purchasing a subscription for all 10 concerts, the price for each concert is PLN 20.

To make it easier for our customers to purchase tickets, we have prepared an online booking system. It allows you to conveniently order tickets without leaving your home. We encourage you to book online, especially for very popular events, as they sell out fast, so make sure you book well in advance.